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Traditional dress of Canada

This section includes plan, treatments and guidance employed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada staff. It's posted on Department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

Citizenship judges

Citizenship judges should relate to the Judges’ Handbook the complete uniform policy.

Citizenship judges who will be recipients regarding the purchase of Canada, purchase of army Merit, Victoria Cross or Royal Victorian purchase are welcome to put on their applicable pins, medals or badges in order that they tend to be noticeable.


The clerk associated with ceremony wears a barrister’s gown and a white barrister loss for all ceremonies. The black colored vest or waistline layer is optional. Hardly any other clothing accessories should be used.

The cost of the robe and barrister loss could be the responsibility of this Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) workplace.

Under the robe, the dress is business attire; but is advised that the clerk wear listed here items:

  • black colored jeans or skirt;
  • black or white top;
  • black colored, closed-toe gown footwear.

The gown for all various other citizenship staff is business outfit.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officials

The RCMP officer wears the formal outfit, referred to as Red Serge, for this occasion.

Volunteer presiding officials

The volunteer presiding official can put on a barrister gown or a military uniform (for recipients associated with the Order of army Merit). The IRCC office provides them with a barrister’s robe to wear through the service. The fee for the robe is the responsibility of this local IRCC workplace.

For retired citizenship judges who're recipients associated with Order of Canada, Order of army Merit, Royal Victorian purchase or Victoria Cross, its permissible for them to use their ceremonial robe with the maroon facings and white barrister’s tab. Inside their brand-new part as a volunteer presiding authoritative at citizenship ceremonies, they perform the exact same ceremonial function as a citizenship judge.

Volunteer presiding officials should put on their particular relevant pins, medals or badges so they are visible.

Canadian Forces members and veterans

The dress for the service is consistent with medals for energetic Canadian Forces people, and veteran blazer or company attire with medals for veterans.

Citizenship staff

The gown for citizenship staff and volunteers after all citizenship ceremonies is company attire.

At-large ceremonies, volunteers and citizenship staff, who are not wearing robes should use name tags for identification reasons. Title tags includes association. For-instance, IRCC title tags should state “Jane Smith, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada”. The volunteer title tags should say “George Jones, Anytown, Chamber of Commerce”.


As volunteers handle people, they are likely to outfit appropriately in operation attire. Citizenship staff offer volunteers with a name label so customers can recognize them as volunteers.

Candidates for citizenship

A citizenship ceremony is a dignified and important occasion. For that reason, the appropriate dress is business attire. Candidates can use conventional or religious gown and head covers.

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