Aboriginal populations surge

First Nations population in Canada

The 2006 Census indicated that the biggest quantity of Aboriginal people are now living in Ontario and the western provinces. Almost 250, 000 of over 1.1 million Aboriginal folks in Canada were living in Ontario in 2006 and more than 700, 000 lived in four western provinces.

While increased percentage associated with Aboriginal population are now living in these five provinces they do not necessarily represent a large part of the populace within the province. As an example, Aboriginal men and women made up 2percent for the population of Ontario, 5% of British Columbia's population, 6percent of Alberta's populace, and 15percent of Manitoba and Saskatchewan's total population. Conversely, Aboriginal men and women comprised 85% associated with population of Nunavut and 50percent of this population when you look at the Northwest Territories.

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Census emphasize tables supply this information for Aboriginal identity populace for Canada, and provinces and territories, census towns, census agglomerations and census subdivisions. The 2nd link contains 2006 Census topic-based tabulations (TBTs) which contain populace counts predicated on Aboriginal ancestry and licensed Indian condition.

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This informative article reveals that the amount of people just who identified on their own as an Aboriginal person has actually surpassed the one-million mark, and provides info on age circulation, Aboriginal languages, residing plans, housing faculties and geographical transportation. Split data are given for Inuit, Métis and First countries folks.

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