SCOC rules on status of Metis

Métis of Canada

number 3 on McNally Robinson's Bestsellers list (Paperback Non-Fiction) the week of Summer 9, 2013

Everybody knows something meant because of the term Métis, and also the people themselves are defined exactly by what they're not. The editors place it succinctly: 'About truly the only elements that tie this diversity collectively will be the details of the Métis peoples' distinctiveness - off their Indigenous individuals and from settlers - and their constitutional recognition as rights-bearing, native individuals in Canada.' This University of Alberta Press selection chronicles the unique Métis contribution to your Canadian tale. Holly Doan, Blacklock's Reporter, November 9, 2013 [Full review at

"The 12 multidisciplinary essays here arose off consideration of a vital choice by the Supreme Court of Canada (roentgen. v. Powley) that defined a ten-step test for Métis legal rights; just how these legal rights perform in reference to that decision is elaborated when you look at the four crucial sections implied when you look at the name. There has not been a book this broad and deep concerning the Métis in over 20 years in Canada, so this provides a timely, informative grappling with recognition and affirmation of the Métis and their Aboriginal rights. Summing-up: Crucial. All educational levels/libraries." G. Bruyere, Laurentian University, SELECTION Mag, December 2013

"...these essays, by-and-large, tend to be both informative and entertaining to read through. The brand new scholars featured in this amount interrogate the resources with cleverness and vigor, while the result is a provocative and fresh depiction associated with Métis experience with Canada." Heather Devine, Western Historical Quarterly, Summer 2014

"The strong aesthetic hierarchy is a highlight of this publications’ inside typography, with a processed, accomplished look to it. In general, the book projects a quiet however confident design."

The Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada

"...the writers share the goal of working towards a more complex and nuanced knowledge of 'Métis.' By studying the Métis from a variety of perspectives, the chapters will stimulate representation and conversation. [T]he themes the guide examines should be of great interest to scholars of Aboriginal scientific studies across Canada."

BC Studies

"[Métis in Canada] mixes a greatly diverse assortment of essays, reflective of the multifaceted nature associated with debates concerning Métis identifiy in Canada... because of the breadth of perspectives presented by the contributors, together with the text's overall contribution to discussions of Indigenous identification in Canada, it comes as no real surprise your editors are experts in Aboriginal policy. Taken collectively, [Métis in Canada and "Métis": Race, Recognition, and the Struggle for native Peoplehood] shed new-light on the intricacies surrounding not only intracommunity conceptions of Métis determine in Canada, but also longstanding, frequently challenging constructions of mixed-lineage and, by expansion, native identities in alterity."

Sarah MacKenzie, Canadian Literature

"the amount is significant because of its attempts to recapture the assorted work that scholars across various procedures are undertaking in the Metis past and current."

Michel Hogue, Histoire Sociale / Social Background

The Alcuin Society Citations for Excellence in Book Design in Canada - Alcuin community Awards for Excellence in-book Design in Canada, Prose Non-Fiction

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