Canada s dark history of abuse

Native Indians Canada

Some may have come-on woven reed rafts, or ships, throughout the Pacific from Asia and different islands.

Still other people could have crossed the ice areas that once connected European countries and North America. The Inuit, just who inhabit the large Arctic, had been possibly the final to reach.

Reed Boat on Lake Titicaca
Courtesy of

Some First countries individuals think, through their particular dental custom, that their particular ancestors have actually lived-in the united states for much longer than scientists indicate.

Scientific theory is often evolving as brand new evidence is located, many startling discoveries consistently push back the first understood times for real human occupancy of united states.

For more information on the ancestors of First countries men and women, researchers study person bones which are found maintained in dried out caverns, or in frozen riverbanks in which they have not rotted away.

Researchers determine age the bones from age deposit layers in which they have been discovered, or from the model of tools found with all the bones.

Some of the most important discovers of real human skeletons have been around in the Yukon, into the United states Southwest, as well as in the Andes in South America.

Yukon archaeological site
Due to national of Yukon

For countless years, white anthropologists and archaeologists have dug-up bones of very first Nations peoples and taken them away and saved them in compartments in museums, using the bones out once in a while to probe, and poke them for information. This rehearse made many Aboriginal individuals aggravated.

Present laws state that any bones discovered must certanly be turned-over into First Nations bands in the area for burial.

Today, numerous groups are cooperating enthusiastically when you look at the anthropological study of old peoples bones, simply because they would you like to learn more about their ancestors.

Nowadays, First countries folks are working alongside the researchers, plus some have become scientists themselves.

Dave Hunt, Collections Manager for Physical Anthropology,
discovers just what the bones tell -
in cases like this a defectively healed fracture of the femur.

compliment of Yukon Archaeology site thanks to Smithsonian

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