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Canadian traditional Outfit

Quebeçois is a dialect heard nowhere except that Quebec. It is composed of an older dialect of French sprinkled with English expressions. French Canadians have a very good oral tradition of passing their folklore down through generations. They tell old stories about characters eg minimal John and Dalbec.

Most French Canadians are part of the Roman Catholic Church, though account features declined lately. On July 24, St. Jean Baptiste Day, French Canadians honor their particular patron saint with functions, bonfires and fireworks. Dollard Day in-may will pay tribute to a 17th-century French war hero.

French Canadian cuisine includes a meat pie called tourtière; ragout, a stew of meatballs and pigs' foot; and poutine, comprising French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. Tourquettes are sweets produced by pouring hot maple syrup onto snow.

Some French Canadians put on modern-day western garments, the traditional garments of French Canadian females includes white bonnets and tops, black colored dresses and white aprons. Men's conventional outfits include white t-shirts, black vests and black knickers. Both genders put on white stockings and black shoes.

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