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Canadian traditional clothing name

Incredible LookYour closet is bursting with clothing, nevertheless've nothing to put on? Let's chat!

  1. Gather your gently utilized brand name clothing and and accessories and bring them into one of our store locations. ALWAYS call just before are available and have everything we are currently buying.
  2. We are going to examine your products, when you check out the newest carefully utilized product within our stores.
  3. We are going to allow you to be a provide of cash or shop credits according to style, condition, brand and our existing stock amounts.
  4. Accept the provide and you also're on your way. Use the store credit to seize that eye-catcher that you saw while browsing our stores!
  5. Items that are not bought by us may be contributed to an excellent cause or we shall hold all of them for pickup for 24 hours.

At any of our Canadian clothes Exchange stores you will discover a massive variety of trendy, designer types and all sorts of at a fraction off retail mall prices! All of the sizes are every now and then is much more than enough choice defined that magnificent item that looks better for you. Contact our shops for more details. We are perhaps not your typical secondhand garments store additionally the gently used stock of garments and accessories tend to be everything from top-name companies, cool, stylish, hip plus in good condition. We usually stock items which are typically in your favorite retail stores within the past 12 to 1 . 5 years. Seek the advice of our local store for the hours of procedure. Sell to Us!

Do you have stuff in your closet that is still in fashion and still in great condition...bring it to us! We'll pay you cash on the spot for all items we can accept!

We are particularly shopping for:

*Fall & Winter clothing/accessories



*PINK by Victoria's Key

*Guys material (denim, hoodies, boots andCanadian clothes Excahnge holds Sizes 0-26, petites, and pregnancy, so we truly have anything for everybody. We also have a great variety of footwear, jewelry, and handbags to improve your personal style even more. At Canadian clothes exchange, our currently great shopping experience only improved – now you can not only go shopping with certainty, it's possible to have your own assistant succeed better yet obtainable.shoes, etc)

You will find 3 Canadian clothes Exchanges stores for the Niagara area, and soon across Canada . Each store serves its district in both exchanging “gently-used, ” fashion designer clothing, footwear, boots, handbags, precious jewelry, and other accessories. Canadian clothes Exchange provides you with fresh, modern designs in fashion designer apparel and add-ons – at great prices. In addition to that, you’re in addition being green and type to your environment by attempting to sell your clothing and purchasing some like-new pieces yourself.

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