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First Nations in Canada map

This map is showing 1st country's condition symbolized whilst the Indian Act, the Land Management Act or Self-Government. The chart comes in two (2) sizes:

First Countries Profiles Interactive Map

The First country Profiles interactive chart is a collection of information that defines specific initially Nation communities across Canada. The profiles include basic info on a primary country along with more in depth information about its reserve(s), governance, federal capital, location, subscribed populace data and various Census data.

GeoViewer Interactive Map

The GeoViewer is a full-fledged "Web GIS" application built on industry criteria. It gives searching, watching, measuring, mailing and printing abilities for many departmental geographical data. It provides various functions allowing individual communication.

Inuit Community Profiles Interactive Map

Metis Population from 2001 and Metis Population from 2006 Census Maps

These provincial maps reveal the location of Metis on the basis of the demographic faculties from 2001 and 2006 census.

Workplace associated with Federal Interlocutor – Metis Population – Metis Population from 2001 Census

Office for the Federal Interlocutor – Metis Population – Metis Population from 2006 Census

Urban Aboriginal Technique Interactive Map

The Urban Aboriginal approach (UAS) is a community-based initiative developed by the us government of Canada to enhance social and financial possibilities of Aboriginal men and women surviving in urban centres. Explore the interactive map to find out more on 2006 census demographic attributes for Aboriginals staying in towns.

Economic Developing

Aboriginal and Northern Investment Announcements Interactive Map


Education and First Nations – On-Reserve Elementary and Secondary Schools

This map (3.53 Mb, 1 page) signifies the location of elementary and additional college buildings located on book and also the amount of students in each.

In general, in Canada, you will find 447 school buildings found on book. Of those, 246 schools provide high-school. A hundred and sixty-four (164) school structures house 100 students or less; 184 college buildings house 101 to 500 pupils; 64 school buildings household 501 to 1000 pupils; and 35 school buildings house over 1000 students.

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