Half of First Nations children

How many First Nations in BC?

1st Nations in BC Knowledge Network is a hub for very first countries when you look at the province to generally share a few ideas, tools and best techniques on many aspects of governance and neighborhood development.

Initial Nations in BC Knowledge system originated by the First countries Technology Council using the substantial help from brand new partnership Trust therefore the respected input of several companies and very first countries in BC.

The Technology Council's eyesight is actually for the First Nations in BC Knowledge Network to-be an available and engaging platform that encourages the sharing of real information and facilitates networking amongst very first Nations people, communities and companies.

The site scaffolds the tips from many communities into a community that all communities can study from and build upon. This knowledge trade supports First countries because resources such as for instance papers and themes may be learnt from, custom-made and adjusted to meet up with individual neighborhood needs.

The goal of the Knowledge system is usually to be a system that leverages the ability and experience of First Nations combined with openness and rate for the net to organize the brightest a few ideas and greatest techniques across the constant act to build and developing countries.

Concerning the First Nations Tech Council

The very first Nations tech Council is mandated by the First Nations Summit, BC Assembly of very first Nations while the Union of BC Indian Chiefs to handle the technology relevant needs of BC’s very first Nations communities.

Visit to learn more.

Concerning The logo: “Transformation”

The trout mind at the heart symbolizes our preliminary being, just who we're and where we originate from. The bird rising on the top left while the mammal from the right, both not fully defined, making our imagination to translate how exactly we see them in their last phases.

Even as we proceed through life, every thing around us transforms from thing to another including us, without any last vision of which I will be - it’s this that “Transformation” embodies.

Artist Biography

Jamie Sterritt is a part associated with the Gitksan country when you look at the Skeena river part of north British Columbia, today surviving in Kamloops together with daughters. Their work is according to traditional northwest coast design, and is real to Gitksan art. He obtained his curiosity about the art from their father and uncles who are accomplished performers and craftsmen in their own personal right. Jamie is an associate regarding the Kispiox wolf clan. Their Gitksan name's Wii Nagim Tts’uwingat.

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