Canada Aboriginal child

Native person

adjective 1.

relating or owned by you or thing by virtue of circumstances current during beginning: my indigenous city


inherent, natural, or inborn: an indigenous power


born in a certain destination: a local German


whenever postpositive, foll by to. beginning in a specific destination or location: kangaroos are indigenous to Australian Continent


attribute of or regarding the indigenous residents of a country or location: the indigenous art of the New Guinea Highlands


(of substance elements, esp metals) discovered normally when you look at the elemental type


unadulterated by society, artifice, or adornment; natural


(archaic) related by delivery or race


get native, (of a settler) to look at the life-style regarding the local population, esp with regards to appears less civilized

noun 10.

(usually foll by of) you created in a specific destination: a native of Geneva


(usually foll by of) a species while it began with a certain destination or location: the kangaroo is a local of Australia


a member of an indigenous individuals of a nation or area, esp a non-White folks, in place of colonial settlers and immigrants


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