Aboriginal Archives

The Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP), granted in October 1996, identified numerous archival, documents management, historical, and social dilemmas which offer a collective challenge towards Canadian archival community. The move to establish a unique interest part within the ACA has actually mostly resulted from recognition that Canadian archivists must contribute in their own special option to the continuing future of Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

The main purpose of the SISAA is to provide members with a forum to discuss a wide range of archival issues relating to records created by or related to Aboriginal peoples. We should develop a foundation for a permanent membership and communications infrastructure inside the Canadian archival neighborhood as a whole and among Aboriginal communities and organizations. One other targets of SISAA are to act as an interface between the community of Canadian archivists and Aboriginal communities and businesses and to develop a base of expertise, guidance, and help on archival problems that may be shared with Aboriginal communities and businesses.

For those who have any fascination with Aboriginal Archives, we would like to strongly motivate you to definitely join the SISAA (Special Interest part on Aboriginal Archives) associated with the ACA. We a listserv, numerous associates with SISAA members and interacting with each other with other ACA teams, and then we satisfy at least once a-year during the ACA Annual meeting. During our meetings, we try to meet with lovers in Aboriginal heritage work and engage neighborhood Aboriginal heritage neighborhood. For instance, a year ago in Fredericton, we got friends Phebe Noel and Patsy McKinney for the New Brunswick Aboriginal individuals Council (NBAPC) and we were very happy to visit the Fredericton Native Friendship Centre, in which Executive Director Tamara Polchies hosted a luncheon of moose stew and bannock. In 2010 in Calgary we will visit the Blackfoot Gallery during the Glenbow Museum and speak to Aboriginal representatives.

We wish to ask archivists that really work with Aboriginal problems and, and perhaps more specifically, Aboriginal archivists, communities and organizations to have included and informed on our talks. Aboriginal communities and businesses that could have archival has to preserve and market their own archives should be interested understand that the SISAA created an Aboriginal Archives Guide, which now available on-line. It really is wished that guide will provide to stimulate and donate to the introduction of an archives and/or documents management programs, as well as to present guidance and help on the preservation of Aboriginal records. If you want to obtain report copies, they might be bought through ACA's web site at a price of $2.00 per content plus postage.

The success of this group is based of active participation and sharing of tips. If you wish to participate associated with SISAA, be sure to e mail us: (

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