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Under the Aboriginal history Act 2006 a Cultural history control Arrange is required if all or the main recommended activity is within a place of tradition history sensitivity, and all sorts of, or an element of the activity is a top impact task. Areas of cultural heritage sensitivity are registered Aboriginal cultural heritage places, and landforms and land groups which can be generally speaking viewed as almost certainly going to consist of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

The maps offered on the site are designed to help people to spot regions of social history sensitivity, as prescribed to some extent 2, Division 3 of the Aboriginal history Regulations 2007. Users tend to be encouraged why these maps supply indicative information regarding the area and level of aspects of cultural history sensitiveness.

Choices towards must prepare a Cultural Heritage control Arrange in relation to a recommended activity is created using mention of the Aboriginal Heritage laws.

For a significantly better knowledge of the CHMP procedure read:

Areas of Cultural Heritage Sensitivity mapping

Seek out a house by going into the target, roadway or suburb in the fast explore the utmost effective right of screen, or as an alternative use the navigation resources to zoom in, zoom aside, or pan.

Green places in the map provide indicative information regarding the location and degree of regions of social heritage sensitiveness. These records is updated month-to-month.

Looking the Maps of Registered Aboriginal Parties?

To obtain the maps, boundary information and contact details of Aboriginal events subscribed by the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council or applicants at this time prior to the Council see:

Copyright laws disclaimer

These maps contain Vicmap information with copyright laws © because of the State of Victoria, division of Sustainability and Environment, 2007. Reproduced by permission regarding the Department of Sustainability and Environment.

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