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Aboriginal Native

The Native Law Centre during the University of Saskatchewan was started in 1975 by Dr. Roger C. Carter whose dedication to Aboriginal and social justice problems persuaded the University of the dependence on a Centre to facilitate accessibility legal training for Aboriginal peoples, to promote the development of regulations while the appropriate system in Canada in manners which better accommodate the development of Aboriginal peoples and communities, and also to disseminate information regarding Aboriginal peoples therefore the law. Structured at first as an unbiased special project in the University of Saskatchewan, the Centre became a department for the university of Law in 1984.

From the beginning, the Centre has nurtured innovation in its program areas of teaching, research, and publication. Today, the NLC continues to build upon that history and remains attentive to the challenges confronted by Aboriginal peoples in Canada and internationally, so that we may continue to provide programs, strategies, and solutions that are not only sound in scholarship but practical and visionary in their application, and which will ensure that the rights of Aboriginal peoples are protected under the law.

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