Native peoples in Konom

Native Peoples

Local Peoples mag may be the very first and biggest paid-circulation consumer magazine aimed at the difficulties crucial that you native individuals of this Americas. Started in 1987, it has around readership greater than 100, 000, with readers (most in the U.S.) and readers in 36 foreign nations. U.S. and Canadian newsstand distribution is supplied by Coast to Coast publications at multiple vendors (view map below).

We provide a respected, constant and trustworthy voice for several indigenous individuals, and an original, proven vehicle for advertisers trying to attain Natives People in america and those interested in indigenous United states individuals, countries and issues. We now have created a distinctive posting niche bridging the gap involving the historical practices and contemporary Native identities.

Our ongoing editorial objective to provide sensitive and painful portrayals of indigenous individuals through reasonable and accurate journalistic storytelling. We invite our visitors to journey around and explore the rich and evolving everyday lives of Turtle Island's first individuals.

Find why mag is such a dynamic platform to your globe for indigenous arts, record, development and tradition.

Local Peoples Magazine
5333 N 7th St, Ste C224
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Get a hold of our mag on newsstands throughout the U.S.

Read our .


Taté Walker (Mniconjou Lakota), Publisher

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