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A.B. Original


A.B. FIRST could be the collaboration between BRIGGS (Album of the season receiver at the National Indigenous Music Awards 2015) and TRIALS, ARIA leading producer for Drapht, Illy, Hilltop Hoods, Seth Sentry and Funkoars among others.

A.B. FIRST was created whenever two music artists were invited to perform at triple j’s 40 year event, overcome The Drum, in January 2015. They produced a quick but effective ready which included the unique overall performance of ‘The Hunt’, a collaboration with Gurrummul performed earlier on triple j’s stay at the wireless.

Since overcome The Drum, A.B. FIRST started writing tracks in character of N.W.A and western Side Connection, while lyrically bringing focus on problems closer to residence. Respectively coming from the Yorta Yorta and Ngarrindjeri tribes, Briggs and tests are socially mindful outspoken native performers. They bring an innovative new vocals to Australian rap as A.B. FIRST.

Their particular debut album will likely be introduced later this present year via Hilltop Hoods’ label Golden Era registers and Bad Apples Music, Australia’s first Indigenous rap label.

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