Also based on the tribe flag

Inuit Nations

Sandra Deer smiles brightly after getting her Master of Arts degree in knowledge and Society.

Spring Convocation 2014

Jim Howden, OFNIE Director, and Josie Cox, graduate regarding the Bachelor of knowledge for Certified instructors program.

Scarf Ceremony

OFNIE graduates within 2015 Scarf service sponsored by First individuals House, held at Faculty Club.

Cree graduates at 2015 Spring Convocation

Tina Schiavone (advisor), Rose Dixon, Bernadette Katapatuk, Jim Howden (OFNIE manager), Nora Katapatuk, Mary Bear, Debbie House-Cox, Grace Wong McAllister (advisor).

Eliana Manrique (Kativik School Board Director), Annie A. Alaku (Sleep. Certified Educators) and lover, Oleepeka Meetuq (BEd. Certified instructors) and companion, Jim Howden (OFNIE), Annie Tertiluk (Kativik class Board).

OFNIE works together with First Nations and Inuit education authorities throughout Quebec such as the Kativik School Board plus the Cree School Board.

Annie A. Alaku (BEd. Qualified instructors), lover, Alacie Nalukturuk (Commissioner, Inukjuak), partner, Oleepeka Meetuq (sleep for Certified instructors).

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