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A photocopy of the: 1. Birth Certificate, 2. some form of government photo-ID (eg a Driver's Licence, Health Card, Passport or a Firearms purchase certification) - one types of photo-ID is essential.

2 Citizenship sized photographs. Picture requirements are as follows:

  • 45mm large by 35mm broad
  • minimal face level is 31mm.

Plaese don't send in other photos, as they will never be aproved and it'll cause major delays with your application.

A $100 Cdn cheque or money purchase made payable to: Canadian Métis Council - IT.

Please be sure every area of application are filled in and trademark field finalized with a superb Black felt-tip marker. We can't approve any programs which are lacking information.

Kindly consider for those who have been already confirmed by another Métis Organization, you continue to must make provision for evidence of genealogy (Aboriginal Ancestry) for our records.

Just who qualifies for a Canadian Métis Council Membership card?
Kids as early as one day old can put on for his or her Metis Status card.

Whoever self-identifies as a Métis, features neighborhood acceptance as a Métis, just isn't signed up as an Indian or Inuit, has actually obvious Aboriginal bloodstream connections, and that can show their Aboriginal ancestry into the pleasure for the Canadian Métis Council's confirmation procedure.

Genealogical Documentation - include a minumum of one or higher associated with following which reveal some form of Aboriginal ties particularly Métis, Halfbreed Indian, Non-Status Aboriginal, Inuit, Savage, Infidel, etc.

Letters from Indian Affairs stating Indian reputation or C31 reputation of a primary general.

Photocopies of (Aboriginal's) beginning, baptismal, relationship or death certificate or a photocopy of census files suggesting Aboriginal ancestry or obituaries. (throughout instances, please indicate your relation to that person)

A photocopy of one's ancestor's Indian Status card, musical organization quantity written clearly (additionally indicate connection)

Métis land files or script records, etc.

Some type of historic documentation of family title which states Aboriginal connections.

a page from an Elder inside community stating your acceptance as a Métis person by that Elder as well as the community.

In situations of adoption, please offer reasoned explanations why you feel you've got Aboriginal ancestry. (you could be eligible for your Métis card, however, your kids cannot be considered unless their particular other mother or father is Aboriginal)

You will be subscribed as an Indian in Indian Act or as an Inuk on an Inuit registry.

When you have no Aboriginal bloodstream connections. (Ex. In the event your spouse is Aboriginal and you're not - you don't be eligible for a card)

Important: Before you give authorization for a family member to use your file because their proof Aboriginal ancestry, it is necessary you are aware they can make use of their particular file (that they got away from you) as another relative's proof of Aboriginal ancestry. Note: throughout cases, even if you tend to be referring to a family member's file, you MUST full (into the best of the capability) the application kind and particularly the "Aboriginal Ancestry Chart".

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