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The First Nations

FNHL Logo smallInitial Nations home of Mastering (FNHL) is generally confused with the First Nations Longhouse, but actually the Longhouse is the building and the First Nations House of training may be the administrative device that resides in and directs the application of the building.

FNHL organizes and provides Longhouse-based pupil services and communications; oversees general public development and employ of this building; provides a spot of contact for Aboriginal communities; and leads strategic considering UBC Aboriginal projects. FNHL could be the lead unit for control of this UBC Aboriginal Strategic Arrange. Within one method or any other, FNHL is involved with almost all of what you will really get a hold of on this site.

Public Information

Stay updated using Vancouver UBC Aboriginal campus community by subscribing to The speaking Stick, an e-newsletter dispensed regular, September through April, containing informative data on UBC Aboriginal-related news, activities and announcements.

Student Solutions

Several services, managed by the First countries House of discovering along with various other units, are available during the Longhouse for Aboriginal students. These generally include writing and math tutors, educational advising, accredited counsellors, pupil wellness nurse, and financial advising.

To learn more about student services contact:

Computer Centre

The center has actually 12 state-of-the-art work programs being loaded with several types of computer software, including Microsoft and Adobe programs.

For more information, contact:


Over summer and winter, the home of Learning hosts many occasions for pupils additionally the public. Included in these are:

  • Community & Beginner lunches
  • Cultural tasks
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Public lectures

Sty-Wet-Tan Great Hall

The First Nations home of Learning has actually traditionally supported UBC Aboriginal programs and students by providing utilization of the Sty-Wet-Tan Great Hall as an in-kind contribution or contribution.

New scheduling Procedure

As of might 2015, bookings when it comes to Sty-Wet-Tan Great Hall at no-cost are done through a fresh digital kind. We hope this brand new procedure saves users commitment. Contact us when you have any opinions or questions about this brand-new approach.

To request accommodations fee waiver, please complete the following fillable PDF type:

  1. Install the shape after it opens inside web browser window or right-click on the above website link and make use of “Save as.” utilize a recently available type of Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) to perform the proper execution.
  2. The proper execution depends on an electronic Signature to perform. For more information, treat this short video: Simple tips to Digitally Sign a Document with Adobe Reader (exterior website link).
  3. The form should be completed in complete and stay posted at the very least seven days ahead of the requested date(s). Earlier in the day submissions tend to be advised.

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