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Aboriginal Peoples in Ontario

Pie charts: Aboriginal Groups of Ontario 2001 and 2006This factsheet looks at the 2006 Census data on the Aboriginal peoples of Canada released by Statistics Canada.

Ontario’s Aboriginal Population

  • In the 2006 Census, 242, 495 individuals self-identified as Aboriginal people (this is certainly, us Indian or very first countries men and women, Métis or Inuit) in Ontario.Bar graph: Population by part of abode, Ontario This represented 2per cent of this province’s total population, a rise from 1.7percent in 2001.
  • In 2006, the majority of the Aboriginal populace ended up being us Indian, representing 65.3percent (down from 69.9per cent in 2001). The Métis followed at 30.4per cent (up from 25.7% in 2001), while the Inuit at 0.8per cent (up from 0.7per cent in 2001).
  • Between 2001 and 2006, Ontario’s Aboriginal population expanded quicker compared to the non-Aboriginal populace, increasing 28.3%, nearly 5 times quicker compared to 6.2percent rate of growth for the non-Aboriginal populace.club graph: Age Distribution associated with Population, Ontario Several factors may account for the fast development of the Aboriginal populace, both demographic and non-demographic (e.g. more folks deciding to determine on their own as an Aboriginal individual).
  • Of the three Aboriginal groups, the quickest gains in populace between 2001 and 2006 occurred on the list of Métis additionally the Inuit with development rates of 52.3percent and 48per cent, correspondingly. The united states Indian or First countries people increased by 19.6%.

One in Five Aboriginal people Lived on Reserves

  • In 2006, a fifth of Aboriginal individuals in Ontario lived on reserves, with another 18.3percent in rural places.club chart: The Aboriginal Population, by Province of these on reserves, almost all (99%) had been us Indian, practically unchanged from 2001, and representing around 30percent of this North American Indian population.
  • The Métis and Inuit existed primarily in urban areas at 72per cent and 82per cent, respectively.

The Aboriginal Population is Reasonably Younger

  • The Aboriginal population is more youthful compared to the non-Aboriginal population. Significantly more than a 3rd (35.7percent) of this Aboriginal populace consist of children and teenagers aged 19 and under, weighed against one fourth (25.1per cent) when it comes to non-Aboriginal populace.

The Aboriginal Population Around Canada

  • In 2006, over one half (53.5per cent) of Canada’s Aboriginal populace lived in three provinces: Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.
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