The Congress of Aboriginal

Congress of Aboriginal Peoples

The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples provides support and funding for training and skills development to Aboriginal Peoples living off-reserve. Through the Aboriginal techniques and Employment Training Technique (ASETS), this system is designed to assist Aboriginal Peoples get ready for, and find high-demand jobs which will help deal with Canada’s labour market challenges.

Financed through work and personal Development Canada, the Congress’ employment programs and services offer Aboriginal individuals the chance to get the abilities expected to get a hold of work and fill work gaps in areas experiencing abilities and labour shortages.

The ASETS program is aiimed at Aboriginal Peoples surviving in urban, outlying and remote areas throughout Canada. Those permitted use include Aboriginal childhood, ladies, solitary moms and dads, mature workers, individuals with disabilities and the ones experiencing job modification or change.

• job Counseling– helps and guides those with profession preparing, instruction, labour market information, resume preparation, task online searches, interview practices, etc.
• Skills Training– assists people with skills development by providing investment for training.
• Wage Subsidies– provides work knowledge by providing wage subsidies to employers.
• Self-Employment help– provides monetary help, company education and professional support that enable clients to develop a small business plan or begin a small business.

To try to get abilities and work education funding, complete your client application below:

To apply for Self-Employment help, start to see the and complete the customer application above.

DEMAND PROPOSALS: Techniques Training Works
The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples is pursuing proposals for Aboriginal abilities and work training tasks when it comes to 2016-2017 financial 12 months.

Application deadline is February 5th, 2016.



Partnerships are an integral part of the ASETS system. The Congress has generated partnerships with businesses and it is constantly looking to develop additional relationships with companies, nonprofit organizations, training institutions, governing bodies, and other companies to produce possibilities for Indigenous Peoples to fill the present labour marketplace demands. For businesses contemplating entering a jobs cooperation with all the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, be sure to contact us right.


Native Peoples are an important labour pool for a lot of sectors for the Canadian economy, specially sectors experiencing ability and labour shortages.

You will find 1.4 million self-identified Indigenous folks in Canada

One or more million native Peoples reside off-reserve

The Indigenous populace increased by 20% between 2006 and 2011, when compared with 5.2% when it comes to non-Indigenous population in Canada

Native Peoples will be the quickest developing and youngest demographic

Half all Indigenous Peoples in Canada tend to be underneath the age 28

(supply: Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, nationwide home research 2011)

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