Aboriginal prison population

What is the population of Aboriginal people in Canada?

Outcome Gaps: Aboriginal vs. Non-Aboriginal Offenders

Aboriginal offenders lag substantially behind their particular non-Aboriginal counterparts on nearly every signal of correctional overall performance and outcome. These people are:

  • Regularly categorized as higher risk and greater need in groups including employment, community reintegration and family members supports;
  • Circulated later on inside their sentence (reduced parole grant rates), many keep prison at Statutory Launch or Warrant Expiry times;
  • Over-represented in segregation and maximum-security populations;
  • Disproportionately tangled up in utilization of force interventions and situations of jail self-injury; and
  • Almost certainly going to return to prison on revocation of parole, often for administrative factors, not criminal violations.

Tall and Growing Incarceration Rates for Aboriginal Peoples

While Aboriginal people constitute about 4% of the Canadian population, by February 2013, 23.2percent of this national inmate populace is Aboriginal (very first country, Métis or Inuit). You can find about 3, 400 Aboriginal offenders in national penitentiaries, roughly 71% tend to be initially Nation, 24percent Métis and 5% Inuit.

In 2010-11, Canada’s overall incarceration price had been 140 per 100, 000 grownups. The incarceration rate for Aboriginal grownups in Canada is believed becoming 10 times higher than the incarceration rate of non-Aboriginal grownups.

The over-representation of Aboriginal folks in Canada’s correctional system carried on to grow in the last ten years. Since 2000-01, the national Aboriginal inmate populace has increased by 56.2%. Their particular general representation price when you look at the inmate populace has grown from 17.0percent in 2000-01 to 23.2percent today.

Since 2005-06, there has been a 43.5% rise in the national Aboriginal inmate populace, compared to a 9.6per cent rise in non-Aboriginal inmates.

Aboriginal Women: Aboriginal women are much more overrepresented than Aboriginal guys in national correctional system, representing 33.6percent of all federally sentenced ladies in Canada. Relating to Statistics Canada, “the disproportionate range Aboriginal individuals in custody (is) constant across all provinces and territories and especially real among female offenders. In 2010/2011, 41percent of females (and 25per cent of guys) in sentenced custody (provincially, territorially and federally) had been Aboriginal.” (Juristat, October 2012)

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