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Peoples of North America

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Local Peoples of united states will be a basic text in regards to the Indigenous individuals of united states (primarily america and Canada) provided from an anthropological perspective. Therefore, the writing is organized around anthropological principles eg language, kinship, wedding and family members life, governmental and economic organization, food getting, religious and religious techniques, plus the arts. Prehistoric, historical and modern information is presented. Each part starts with a good example from the oral tradition that reflects the theme of this chapter. The written text includes recommended readings, video clips, and class room activities.


Part 1: In 1491…

Part 2: All Our Relations

Section 3: sources and their particular Distribution

Chapter 4: Status, Rank, and Power

Part 5: Religion and Spiritual Beliefs

Part 6: will there be a Word for Art?



Video Clips

Dr. Susan Stebbins (Doctor of Arts in Humanities from the University at Albany) was a member of this SUNY Potsdam Anthropology division since 1992. At Potsdam she's got taught Cultural Anthropology, Introduction to Anthropology, concept of Anthropology, Religion, Magic and Witchcraft, and several classes focusing on local People in america, including The Native People in america, Indian graphics and Women in Native America. The woman research has already been both historical (Traditional Roles of Iroquois ladies) and contemporary, including research about a political protest during the connection connecting nyc, the Akwesasne Mohawk booking and Ontario, Canada, and local United states knowledge, specifically that in regards to the local individuals of brand new York.

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