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Indigenous Peoples North America

An extensive collection regarding the connection with the native individuals of united states.

Enabling exploration associated with the political, social, and cultural reputation for native peoples from the sixteenth century well in to the twentieth century, illustrates the fabric for the united states tale with unprecedented depth and breadth. Comprehensive yet private, the collection addresses a brief history of American Indian tribes and promoting organizations, meeting a need for historical scientists. provides a robust, diverse, and appealing search experience and enable intelligent query to the tradition and history of native people.

is sourced from both United states and Canadian institutions, including direct-from-source from newspapers from numerous tribes and Indian-related businesses. The collection also features indigenous-language materials, including dictionaries, bibles, and primers.

Topics interesting include trade and communication, Arctic research and tribes, the Iroquois Confederation, Canadian Catholic Indian missions, Indian removal, Indian wars in addition to frontier army, institution regarding the Canadian Indian and Aboriginal division, Indian delegations and Indian-federal relations, Canadian Indian treaty policy, federal government boarding and missionary schools and curricula, Dawes Severalty and allotment system, dances and festivals, Alaskan Indian guidelines, Indian languages and linguistics, absorption and the Indian New contract, moving, cancellation, and Indian reports Commission, liquid and fishing rights, civil rights, radicalism, impoverishment, together with American Indian activity.

has-been crafted with all the expert assistance of an international consultative board to ensure the system fulfills the needs of pupils, teachers, and researchers. The archive is curated by Dr. Daniel Mandell and Dr. Roger L. Nichols. Dr. Mandell is a professor of history at Truman State University, focusing on Native American history plus the history of law. Dr. Nichols is an emeritus professor of history and an affiliate professor of United states Indian Studies during the University of Arizona.

integrates an extensive assortment of periodicals, manuscripts, drawings and sketches, pictures, maps, periodicals, monographs, reports, appropriate materials, business records, and population census records.

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