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Where did the Metis live?

The Métis Environment

  • Métis communities had been founded along the significant fur trade tracks, mainly close to the crucial freighting waterways.
  • The Métis lived-in:
  • Ontario
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Northwest Territories
  • The first Métis communities starred in Ontario, specially round the Great Lakes, and Eastern Canada.
  • Because the fur trade moved west, so performed the French-Canadian fur traders. Métis settlements were situated as far west as British Columbia, and as far north as the Mackenzie River in Northwest Territories.
  • Saskatchewan River Basin
    Grass River, Manitoba


  • Streams had been necessary for transport throughout the fur trade.
  • The French-Canadian voyageurs who traveled over the rivers, create settlements, got married together with kiddies, giving increase to brand new Métis communities.
  • The Hayes River in Manitoba had been utilized a principle fur trade course.
  • Lakes were in addition used as essential channels when it comes to fur trade. For that reason, numerous Métis communities had been set up near the Great Lakes, and many Western Canadian ponds.
  • Hayes River, Manitoba
    Setting Lake, Manitoba
    Killarney Lake, Manitoba
    Pelican Lake, Manitoba
    Red River, Manitoba

    The Red River

  • The Red River in Manitoba ended up being used as a concept path through the western fur trade. Therefore, it played a crucial role when you look at the institution for the Métis Nation.
  • Many French-Canadian voyageurs made camp over the finance companies for the Red River. It was indeed there that many voyageurs fell deeply in love with regional Indigenous ladies and had kids: the Métis.
  • Winters were cool and deep snow fell in debt River location.
  • Métis communities across the Red River became referred to as ‘Red River Settlement’.
  • Aerial Red River
    Red River Settlement
    Canadian Prairies

    Canadian Prairies

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